Forward Focus Friday with Christine Owen

Meet Christine, one of our most regular and dedicated members. “Go Hard or Go Home”is her moto or that’s we believe it is! 

Her thoughts about “commit to our own journey” in our search for total body fitness are truly inspiring.

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~ FORWARD FOCUS FRIDAY ~ mind body Everyday we commit to our own journey, lifestyle, obligations, responsibilities and so BUT ….. • how is it that YOU commit to YOURSELF ? •what plan do you take each day to indulge, respect and honour you? IF you know me you know I love the high of endurance type workouts, that get my blood flowing, The energy moving and my mind to focus. Sweating it out each morning has become apart of me for many years, most recently after taking a break from my morning runs, I selfishly satisfyingly decided to try something different and now have committed to a new routine and crush some torture time at 6AM! high intensity fun sweaty workouts currently outdoors has been a blessing in my world for the past 6 weeks. • WHY would I commit to 6AM each day you ask??? WELL it has brought me: > Focus + Purpose to be at my best > Discipline to get enough sleep to be at my best > To not overindulge in the luxuries in life the evening before so I wake up refreshed > Brings joy to see the changes in both my mind + body > Allows me to sweat out the old and breath in the new fresh + fun energy > More energized for the day ahead > Challenges me to build more mental and physical strength > Wake up each day and helps jump start looking forward to what’s to come Focus forward – stay committed to your journey + what it brings to your world one step at a time. #commitment #focus #focusonyourself #beselfish #bestself #workoutmotivation #workout #postworkout #sweatyselfie #gratitude #selfcare #challengingmyself #mentalhealthmatters #physicalstrength #gettingstronger #christineowenliving #gritlabs #focusforwardfriday #mindbody #mindmanagement #bodymanagement thank you for 6AM torture time + the fun!

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You’re welcome for the “6AM torture time + the fun!”, Christine. We love having your energy in our boot camp sessions.

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  1. Oh I am truly honoured, you gritty trainers are truly the best, and push me to my limits each time which makes me love it that much more! Thanks for being you all!

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