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Laura had already lost 40 lb before starting at GRITLABS in July 2021. She continued her transformation at GRITLABS and lost another 10 lb in fat and gained lots of strength.

10lb lighter & so much stronger


Joy - Before Boot Camp Classes


46 lbs lighter in 4 months & cannot imagine life without fitness

After Circuit Training


30 lbs lighter in 3 months
Looks and feels younger



30 lb lighter in 12 months and in love with my new sustainable lifestyle



Back to my the basement journey in 2015… where do I start? 

I had just joined the HR department and as time went by there was a need to engage our hotel staff in a fitness program that was motivating. At the time I had heard of a Director of  Rooms Division who’d turned one of our car parks into a fitness basement. 

And with that, I joined Circuit. The first day was I arrived music was thumping, fitness equipment was on the ground set up as circuit stations and best of all the people had signed up for different needs and all were taken care of. 

The early morning workouts and lasted an hour and many times I felt like I could not get to the end but as time went by I gained more strength, endurance and mental clarity. 

After my workouts, my day would be so energised, the mental fog was gone, I was hooked on Circuit. I disciplined my eating habits at work and at home by following your prescribed eating routine keeping a food diary. The cheat day treat was what I looked forward each week to reward myself for such a great effort. 

Slowly my body changed, I had less fat, gained muscle and my metabolic age was years younger than my actual age. 

I remember breaking the plank challenge doing my personal best of 10 minutes it was such a great achievement for me. 

Those around me at work and friends noticed my body changes and naturally became encouraged to sign up to the program. 

What I loved most of this program was that it brought all our line staff and senior management all in one place of interaction which later developed to strong work and collaborative relationships for me personally. Body-wise I celebrated getting back to my size 10 dresses. 

I highly recommend your program to anyone and everyone who have tried everything possible to lose weight, gain muscle or deal with mental fog because until today I remember the workouts at the top of my head and I continue to do them till today which is not only just money-back guarantee but also a lifetime investment! 

Patricia Mbogo

I have always struggled with my weight since childhood – hypo thyroid, PCOD and the constant pain of not being able to eat what I wanted had become quite normal for me. People didn’t hold back from giving their two cents on how I could lose weight without realizing that I was putting in extra effort and eating much less than most people around me. Add to it – my mom who was a nutritionist, yoga teacher and homeopathic doctor – all in all NOT FUN for Me!! 

It did change around 2008 when I lost quite a bit of weight with all kinds of diets – only for it to return in all of its glory…never something I could keep off for good. 

After my second baby, everything changed – I was in the lowest of spirit and the scale hit the max number I had ever seen. Luckily, Kanika and Anshul were visiting and I had seen their work and dedication online. I asked for help and they have been my biggest support ever since! I was never someone who liked to work out but they got me hooked on to HIIT workouts and now I can’t imagine my life without it! Regular workout with the correct postures helped me get rid of plantar fasciitis which was bothering me for 2.5 years. I can’t believe it’s gone!! The biggest change has been in nutrition – Their plan is a keeper which means that it is SO SIMPLE to follow because it’s all about making the right choices. They also provide delicious recipes and ideas for everyone in the family. So it’s definitely not a diet but a lifestyle change, with few days of cheat (treat) meals every week which balances perfectly and honestly I feel I eat more than I’ve ever eaten in my life.Overall I can say I feel more energetic, I don’t hate the mirror and my weighing scale anymore, I’m a size medium from XL and can’t wait to fit in a size small! I’m still work in progress but I know it’s not impossible to reach my health and fitness goal. Kanika n Anshul – thank you for everything and also for being the most positive people!! After every cheat meal when I vent out how bad I feel, they always say with a smile – don’t worry…we got this! It’s this support that keeps pushing us to do more and try more! Love you guys!!

A recap on my fitness journey with you at The Address Down Town Dubai at basement. 

I joined The Company as housekeeping attendant in 2014 when all I knew in fitness was merely basics and general. 

Basing in the mind, hotel housekeeping job in a busy  hotel in 365 days in a year, is extremely demanding and requires energy. 

The “TRY CIRCUIT”  was not only life changing but also a game changer in my life. 

For a period of 1 and half year that I worked at the Address Down Town hotel Dubai, what many would see as the contrary but indeed turned to be the best thing in my world of fitness  was the decision to join TRY CIRCUIT by Anshul Goel.  

My production at work changed completely after joining the workout. I was even promoted to service plus operator.   As you know that exercise increases the production of endorphin hormones which is responsible for our happiness, I would work in an environment that many viewed to be pressure site with great jovial face and great energy and deliverers great job around the clock. 


By genetics, I am not an athlete. When I joined basement workout, surprisingly, I developed the love for running. I realized this when the company registered me to participate in Nike marathon Dubai, and for the first time in my life, I did 10K run in 45 minutes. That became the best time as far as all my company colleagues participated.  

I participated in spartan race for the first time and became the top 10 finishers. 

I developed all these changes within a period of 4months. Indeed TRY worked for me. The idea to come up with such a great idea for employees was indeed thought provoking. 

It was not only away of conducting team building three times a day but also saved the company in using many resources to maintain colleagues’ health. A healthy employee is a healthy business. 

I remember Anshul himself gave me a special name; ” SPARTAN BOY” while my colleagues called me “FAT-MELTING MACHINE”. All these names were coming by default as I was dedicated and the result was too visible and massive. I first saw my 4 pack at the basement workout(though I have proceeded to add two and now they are six pack! 🙂 

I developed a very strong enthusiasm in fitness and wellness that made me to change my career to be a qualified Personal Trainer full time. 

I just wanna say THANK YOU!!! 

Bob Okeyo 

Personal Trainer 

M Active Men West Bay – Doha 

Here is my journey to fitness: I started my fitness journey back in 2014. By then, I weighed 85kgs which was to me obesity. I had no confidence and full of low esteem, which led me not to achieve my goals at that time. By this I mean physically I was not able to perform my daily duties due to fatugie. I thought of myself being young and full of wisdom what I could do to fight my estee. I decided to join a group of workmates who were meeting early morning 3 days a week for exercise. It was not easy but I had to push myself. I remember, I used to work night shift so before I went home I would first attend the circuit classes. My first class was so challenging, I remember we used to run and at the beginning due to my heavy weight I would finish my run last and probably would find other mates half of class, but never gave up. My perserverance gave me some joy after realizing a few weeks later I begun resoinding to weight loss. What an encouragement. I pushed harder and our trainer came up with a one month challenghe and guess what I was the Winner. I had lost 33 pounds in 2 months – yes 33 pounds. I had become so condident, proud and flexible. I felt as if all eyes were on me – a great transformation. I never forget the feeling to date. The whole experience taught me something I remember till date – secret behind happiness is exercise, eat clean and love yourself. No Human is limited. 

Joy Kaimuri 

I was working as coordinator in one of department at The Address Downtown Dubai Hotel. The workout took approx. for 1 hour and 15 minute. From stretching until relaxation. I toned my muscles, shed some weights, keep my weight in constant and most importantly I felt great and full of energy. I had more energy throughout the day, helped me more focus in my job, less sick and without me noticing, I had lost some kgs. They said I look more fresh and energised and what I love the most I look much skinnier but in a healthy way. 


I used to be part of “The Sweat Shop”, a weekly circuit training group conducted in the basement of Address Boulevard. It was amazing as my stamina and endurance increased tremendously. I did it for half a year and I was really able to feel a huge difference in terms of energy level.
More energy means more productivity at work. My colleagues definitely noticed it. Good stuff!



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