Weight Training class

Lift classes follow a 2-week cycle of workouts that contain varied rep, set, and weight ranges. This approach helps you increase your strength, muscle mass, and body composition. Learn how to weight train safely while increasing load and intensity.

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Increase Muscle Strength

Strength training is a vital part of any fitness routine. It can help enhance muscle tone, improve balance, enable the body to perform daily tasks, reduce the risk of injury and improve your athletic performance. And it’s beneficial for every age, as strength training is crucial to prevent muscle and bone loss. Since weightlifting adds lean muscle tissue to your body, this makes your body burn more calories. (Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue) and it speeds up your metabolism by accelerating your metabolic rate. After a weightlifting workout, your metabolic rate is elevated for 72 hours. This means that even if you do not do more activity for the next few days, your body will burn more calories thanks to your workout. Whether you’re new to strength training or have been weightlifting regularly, our LIFT classes will motivate you to keep lifting.


Comprehensive strength workouts that incorporate a balance of isolation, functional, and dynamic movements. At each workout station, you’ll focus on quality repetitions, proper form, and utilizing the variety of available weights.

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From beginners to elite, our classes cater to every phase of your fitness journey. Dive in with GRIT and elevate your potential.