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A Fitness Community that Welcomes Everyone 

GRITLABS offers 2 workout programs: high-intensity BOOT CAMP & low-Intensity LIFT. Both workout programs are geared to build endurance, lean muscle and tone your entire body, but also improve your mental toughness and perseverance.

Both BOOT CAMP and LIFT classes are for all fitness levels and body types.

Choose the one the fits you, or do both types of classes for a complete GRITLABS experience:


Community. Happiness. Results.



  • Socially Distanced Workout
  • Individual Weights Station with no equipment sharing
  • Temperature screening at entrance
  • 6 – 10 ft distance
  • Hand sanitizer provided at each station
  • Sanitizing wipes provided and used to wipe all the equipment after each workout
  • Professional ULV Fogger used after each class to disinfect all equipment and the Studio
Boot Camp Classes
Temperature Scanner
Boot Camp Classes
Sanitation Protocol
Boot Camp Classes
No Contact


  • A community of highly motivated and energetic individuals.
  • Your way to a leaner physique and lower body fat.
  • Exhilarating and high-energy classes that help you build healthier habits and a better life.



20 pounds & 2 dress sizes down in 2 months

I feel accomplished, inspired and motivated to be the best version of myself.


30 Pounds lighter in 3 months & look + feel younger

“Confident, overall better mood, stamina & sleep. Reduced oil, beverage & junk food”

  • Agnes Plaxton AvatarAgnes Plaxton

    Thank you for helping me get the most out of the limited time I have at the gym and making me feel great after an intense work out every time. I love the fantastic and diverse strength training classes with upbeat music. - 9/29/2021 

  • Aditi Selvaraj AvatarAditi Selvaraj

    As hard as they were, I absolutely loved the LIFT sessions at gritlabs! Every session is different and the staff and trainers are super helpful and encouraging (shoutout to Maggie for always keeping me motivated)!! The owners are also very accommodating and make you feel welcomed. The gym is overall... read more - 8/19/2021 

  • Abigayle Burnett AvatarAbigayle Burnett

    This place is awesome!!! I joined for strength and endurance training this summer before going back to University to play soccer and the trainers were so welcoming, high energy and knowledgable! I really appreciated how they pushed me in the workouts so I could get the best out of every... read more - 8/19/2021 

  • jordan dyck Avatarjordan dyck

    GritLabs has completely changed the way I workout! After the pandemic I lost pretty much all motivation I had to workout and stay fit, but after hearing about GritLabs online I reached out to start to 7 days for $7 and the classes were so motivating, they had me wanting... read more - 8/12/2021 

  • Breanne Hamilton AvatarBreanne Hamilton

    If I could give a 15 out of 10 I would.Amazing company empathic to individual needs.Thanks againBreanne Hamilton - 6/26/2021 

  • Burlington Proactive Wellness AvatarBurlington Proactive Wellness

    Get place to work out for all levels of healthYou won’t be the fastest or the slowest, the fittest or the sluggish but you will improve with each exercise no matter what your goal is!!! - 6/26/2021 

  • Ally Hurst AvatarAlly Hurst

    Gritlabs has been the best experience, from the atmosphere to the trainers. Everyone is so friendly, helpful and driven. Throughout the whole lockdown, they kept us motivated by offering virtual sessions and cooking classes! I would recommend this gym to everyone who wants to push themselves further then they knew... read more - 6/26/2021 

  • Nicole Warrick AvatarNicole Warrick

    Going to Gritlabs has been amazing! It's challenging, fun, and works your whole body. I've went to many gyms before and never enjoyed anything as much as Gritlabs. - 6/26/2021 

  • Deborah Hurst AvatarDeborah Hurst

    I joined Gritlabs during covid- we started outdoors, then moved indoors, then went to virtual. Talk about being able to adapt to all situations. Gritlabs even lent us equipment to workout virtually!Gritlabs is more of a community and you’re not lost in a big gym environment. They truly care about... read more - 6/26/2021 

  • Debi Cientanni AvatarDebi Cientanni

    Fun, great work out, great music and most of all REAL quality trainers - 6/26/2021 

  • Glen Herbert AvatarGlen Herbert

    When you go to a gym you want a challenging workout, variety. You want to hit all the muscle groups, working things out well--enough that you feel it the next day--though not debilitated by the experience. Gritlabs has all of that and more. But something we often don't think about... read more - 6/26/2021 

  • Linda Dela Paz [Staff] AvatarLinda Dela Paz [Staff]

    GRITLABS has competent and friendly staff that not only provided amazing programming to make you sweat, but kept everyone safe while doing so - 6/26/2021 

  • Chloe Crisford AvatarChloe Crisford

    Love the gym, the team, the workouts! With different types of workouts, from weights, to HIIT to yoga, there's something for everyone! All of the trainers are super friendly and welcoming, while pushing you to achieve a great workout every time! - 6/26/2021 

  • Rachelle Gallo AvatarRachelle Gallo

    Gritlabs has become a second home for me. Finding motivation, energy and happiness during COVID has been difficult but joining this family was the best decision yet. It has given been me back some independence and identity after starting a family; given me goals to work towards everyday and to... read more - 6/26/2021 

  • Cinthya Lucanas AvatarCinthya Lucanas

    Anshul and his team are amazing. I enjoy every class with them 😊! - 6/26/2021 

  • Michelle Krupa AvatarMichelle Krupa

    It’s a great workout every time…every day it’s a new workout so it never gets dull or boring. The owners truly care about their clients and the trainers are great with motivation and form correction. I especially appreciate how they took care of their members during lockdown ❤️ - 6/13/2021 

  • Grace Herbert AvatarGrace Herbert

    Some of the nicest trainers you'll ever meet. I never feel out of place and always look forward to working out. They genuinely care about all of their clients. If you are looking for a low stress environment, Grit Labs is your place! 🙂 - 6/11/2021 

  • Natalie Fraser AvatarNatalie Fraser

    Such an amazing team! Every work out is full of laughs, smiles, and great music. Cant recommend enough, you need to try. - 5/26/2021 

  • Melissa Grassa AvatarMelissa Grassa

    Gritlabs is truly a blessing for me !I really disliked virtual sweat life until I tried their workouts. Fun, motivating, engaging and a sense of community are all the ways to explain Gritlabs.Believe me you will also feel the burn !!Can’t thank them enough. - 5/26/2021 

  • Georges Sayegh AvatarGeorges Sayegh

    It can’t get better, they are an amazing team always smiling, helpful and professional , the best experience ever, I am enjoying every minute of it... never got board because of the variety of exercises keep me always wondering what are they preparing for the next day... love the... read more - 5/08/2021 

  • Linda Holland AvatarLinda Holland

    I tried at least 4 other group workout gyms in Burlington before I tried GritLabs and I knew right away that I wanted to become a member. The trainers really make everyone feel welcome no matter your fitness level. They understand if you need to modify a workout but also... read more - 5/02/2021 

  • Jan Kelly AvatarJan Kelly

    Hands down Gritlabs is one of the best gyms around. The workouts are fantastic. They are a great way to either start or finish your day. - 4/26/2021 

  • Amy N AvatarAmy N

    Gritlabs is amazing!! I recently just joined and the minute I stepped into the gym Kanika made me feel super welcomed. The gym environment is so motivating and the members seem like family. Kanika and Anshul care about their members and it really does show.The workouts are quick and efficient,... read more - 4/26/2021 

  • Angela Smith AvatarAngela Smith

    Gritlabs has been a saviour to my mental and physical health during the pandemic. They are welcoming, caring and so enthusiastic it can’t help but be contagious. For the first time I feel excited to workout and really look forward to the classes both virtual and in person.Their direction is... read more - 4/26/2021 

  • Havana Gosia AvatarHavana Gosia

    Gritlabs even though it sounds like a cliche but is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time, the staff is incredible, they motivate you, the exercises make you return home with a smile of satisfaction.I totally recommend it with 10 stars + - 4/26/2021 

  • Patricia Lowen AvatarPatricia Lowen

    An absolutely amazing fitness community! The trainers are knowledgeable, personable and fun. Since joining the gym in June 2020 my mental health has improved, strength, and flexibility. They have a variety of programs from Boot Camp (outdoor and indoor), LIFT program, yoga, virtual and in-studio classes. They listen... read more - 4/12/2021 

  • Angela Smith AvatarAngela Smith

    Gritlabs has been a saviour to my mental and physical health during the pandemic. They are welcoming, caring and so enthusiastic it can’t help but be contagious. For the first time I feel excited to workout and really look forward to the classes both virtual and in person.
    Their direction is...
    read more - 4/03/2021 

  • Jas AvatarJas

    I’ve been going ever since the gym opened and I can honestly say it’s the best! I’ve tried lots of different gyms and could never stick it out or have the motivation to continue. 100% try it out you won’t regret it. All the trainers are great motivators and make... read more - 3/28/2021 

  • Kaitlin Wilson [Staff] AvatarKaitlin Wilson [Staff]

    I found Gritlabs at the end of last July. I couldn't believe their ability to create workouts for every muscle group - a full body workout everytime! I hate to use the word 'gym' because they are so much more than that. We often joke about our gritlabs... read more - 3/26/2021 

  • Debbie Turner AvatarDebbie Turner

    Gritlabs is just what I needed to get back into a disciplined exercise routine. The classes are always different and new, keeping it interesting and exciting. Instructors care about your workout offering feedback for proper form with the extra push of encouragement I need at times. I would highly recommend... read more - 3/24/2021 



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