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Strip back your exercise routine to old-school moves that get RESULTS.



A Fitness Community that Welcomes Everyone 

GRITLABS offers high-intensity boot camp training & strength based workouts called LIFT, which are low impact and low intensity. Both the workout programs are geared to build endurance, lean muscle and tone your entire body, but also improve your mental toughness and perseverance.

Our boot camp and LIFT classes are for all fitness levels and body types.



Community. Happiness. Results.



  • Socially Distanced Workout
  • Temperature screening, disinfectant and hand sanitizers provided
  • Individual Stations – No Equipment Sharing
  • 6-10 ft distance
Boot Camp Classes
Temperature Scanner
Boot Camp Classes
Sanitation Protocol
Boot Camp Classes
No Contact


  • A community of highly motivated and energetic individuals.
  • Your way to a leaner physique and lower body fat.
  • Exhilarating and high-energy classes that help you build healthier habits and a better life.



46 Pounds lighter in 4 months & cannot imagine life without fitness

“Confident & unmeasurable happiness. New approach to life with food & fitness”


30 Pounds lighter in 3 months & look + feel younger

“Confident, overall better mood, stamina & sleep. Reduced oil, beverage & junk food”

  • Jan Kelly AvatarJan Kelly

    I loved the February challenge. While I only lost a couple of pounds, my clothes definitely fit better and the constant bloated feeling that I have had for the last few months is gone.

    My main focus was to get back in the habit of drinking lots of water and pre...
    read more - 3/04/2021 

  • Sandy Gresham AvatarSandy Gresham

    Wonderful and supportive owners and instructors! Every workout is fun and challenging! I've noticed positive changes in my body, improved energy and mobility. Gritlabs is for everyone! - 2/28/2021 

  • Travis Camacho AvatarTravis Camacho

    Absolutely love the addition of LIFT classes. Sometimes high intensity doesn't isolate muscle groups as effective as concentrated movements. Thanks to the LIFT class that has changed. Great break from the HIIT training and really helps focus on strength with a very good assortment of low impact exercises. If you're... read more - 2/17/2021 

  • Heather Shearim AvatarHeather Shearim

    I started working out at Gritlabs in the summer when they were offering outdoor classes and have recently started taking classes again virtually. They value feedback from their clients and make adjustments to ensure classes can still happen, which has been major during a pandemic. No two workouts are the... read more - 2/09/2021 

  • Rachel Allen AvatarRachel Allen

    I joined Grit Labs virtually once we went into lockdown. It is the first time that I feel like I am getting the same workout in at home as I would be in the studio! Encouraging coaches and a great sweat! Whoever said virtual workouts don't work, haven't tried... read more - 1/18/2021 

  • Janet Stephens AvatarJanet Stephens

    I love these workouts! These classes are hard enough to get results, but the instructors make it easy to follow along and give modifications where necessary too. The workouts are different every day, making it more interesting than YouTube video workouts. I highly recommend! - 1/18/2021 

  • Kristyn Dunlop AvatarKristyn Dunlop

    Great music, awesome workouts, amazing trainers and just all around a great community to be apart of! Anshul and Kanika are very professional, supportive and motivational. The space is also always super clean which is especially crucial during these times. Classes are also very well planned and organized. - 12/28/2020 

  • Christine Owen AvatarChristine Owen

    After some long months of at home workouts being able to be apart of the Grit Community where you can expect to receive all around programming, a great sweat and super high fun vibes, it was a welcomed change to getting back into some push you to your limit kind... read more - 12/11/2020 

  • Megan Halpin AvatarMegan Halpin

    I’ve been going to Gritlabs for just over a month now and I absolutely LOVE going ! The trainers (especially my girl Maggie) have been highly supportive and encouraging to meet my own fitness goals! It’s an incredible environment that pushes you to work harder and be happier with yourself!... read more - 12/02/2020 

  • Fiona Drepaul AvatarFiona Drepaul

    Grit labs is Awesome!
    The coaches are welcoming, fun, motivating and helpful. Workouts are always different, challenging, and you leave feeling energized!
    The gym is always extremely clean and all recommendations for covid 19 safety measures adhered to.
    It’s a great place with great coaches and members. - 11/27/2020 

  • Natali AvatarNatali

    Super fun and safe bootcamp classes with results! Love this place. Very friendly and owners/instructors are knowledgeable regarding proper form. - 11/12/2020 

  • Alton Stead AvatarAlton Stead

    Decided to try this place as I needed a kick start to get active again. I AM GLAD I DID!

    From the first day, I could tell this place was different from others I've tried in the past. No two days are the same. The owners and trainers really do care...
    read more - 10/30/2020 

  • Meaghan AvatarMeaghan

    It’s actually exactly what I’ve been looking for, a Bootcamp and at a later time slot. I LOVE the 8pm option. I have 3 young kids an it’s realistically the only time that works. I’m from Oakville but it only takes 15 minutes to get there so it’s not bad.... read more - 9/14/2020 

  • Jen AvatarJen

    Awesommmeeee!!! Such a great class! I cried leaving today because I’m so happy and feeling stronger every day thank to you! 🙏💪❤️ - 9/14/2020 

  • Satinder AvatarSatinder

    I hesitantly joined as I haven't worked out in over 5 years so wasn’t sure if going straight into a group workout would be right for me. But I’ve been able to keep up so it’s helped motivate me to continue.

    I’m definitely feeling the pain and can hardly move...
    read more - 9/14/2020 

  • Linda AvatarLinda

    I really enjoyed the class and already signed up for Monday. It was challenging but doable and I needed that after months of lockdown! Reminded me of the strength and conditioning gym I used to belong to go before I moved to Burlington. - 9/12/2020 

  • Katherine AvatarKatherine

    I LOOOOVEEEEE grit labs! - 9/08/2020 

  • Deborah Hurst AvatarDeborah Hurst

    The best workout I’ve ever had!
    High energy, great music, positive atmosphere.
    Love the outdoor workouts!
    I’m able to modify exercises as needed and still sweat buckets🥵.
    Feeling of community and not lost in a big gym environment. - 8/24/2020 

  • Kk Khosla AvatarKk Khosla

    Gritlabs is the most intense workout I've ever done.
    The trainers are amazing and encouraging
    Its such an inclusive environment
    I would recommend this to anyone looking to shed fat and get cut
    You will be able to do things you never thought you could.
    And you'll see muscles you didnt even...
    read more - 8/19/2020 

  • Christina Pacheco AvatarChristina Pacheco

    I cannot say enough great things about Gritlabs. Not only are the exercise routines creative, high energy and target both strength/conditioning & cardio, but the instructors are amazing at keeping you motivated and provide excellent guidance to help you meet your fitness goals. They also implement the highest COVID infection... read more - 8/14/2020 

  • Elisha Ide AvatarElisha Ide

    The workouts at Gritlabs are like no other. They are fast paced and and put focus on every muscle in your body. To me an environment that is upbeat and motivating is extremely important and this gym really does go above and beyond. - 8/04/2020 

  • Deborah Hurst AvatarDeborah Hurst

    High intensity. Positive energy. Lots of sweat! Great workout💪 - 7/29/2020 

  • Claire Pearce AvatarClaire Pearce

    Attended the online workouts and it was fun but gosh what a workout! The team at Gritlabs knows how to keep you motivated through the session and to keep the energy high. I am unfit so the pace was perfect so I could keep up but also ensured ... read more - 7/16/2020 

  • S D AvatarS D

    Trying to get back in shape. This is awesome. I liked the personalized attention. Keep up the good work - 7/10/2020 

  • Manisha Adhiya AvatarManisha Adhiya

    Gritlabs is a great place to get your workouts done. The workouts are fun with greats music. The instructors really are there to motivate you so you can get the results you want! - 7/08/2020 

  • Niraj Adhiya AvatarNiraj Adhiya

    Love GritLabs, did their virtual workouts that are amazing, great trainers making it fun with high energy music, can’t wait till they open their Burlington location, highly recommend them. - 7/08/2020 

  • Ruby Sahi AvatarRuby Sahi

    Kanika and Anshul, thanks for making me part of this awesome workout team. You both are Great Inspiration and Amazing Trainers!! I have gained great amount of strength and have seen some definition in my Body..I look Forward to training with you guys . - 7/08/2020 

  • Anirudh Dhingra AvatarAnirudh Dhingra

    Grit Lab's virtual fitness classes are just what I needed during the lockdown. Their live and playback classes are easy to reserve, and the workouts are fun, full of energy, and fast-paced. Every session is different and covers a diverse range of muscle groups giving a full body workout. Coaches... read more - 7/07/2020 

  • Nikita Vaish AvatarNikita Vaish

    This challenge was timed PERFECTLY! The lockdown and all the cooking experiments were clearly showing on my body and while all that food tasted good, I didn’t like the way I was feeling at all. So with the challenge, it snapped me right back to being disciplined and really carefully... read more - 7/07/2020 

  • Mike WSA AvatarMike WSA

    I had a fantastic experience at Gritlabs in Burlington thanks to Anshul & Kanika who were professional, friendly, supportive, and motivational during training. The bright space and equipment was clean and organized, and my entire class was very outgoing and welcoming making it a positive and safe environment to... read more - 7/07/2020