Exercising After An Injury: 3 Steps to Return to Your Regimen

Returning to boot camp after an injury or illness? How soon is too soon and what’s the process.

There may come a time in your fitness journey where you experience injury or illness. Once you’ve spent some time recovering, how soon is too soon to return to the workouts? The truth is there is no one size fits all answer as everyone’s body and experience is unique. Here are a few steps to take when you are ready to get back into your boot camp classes.

Exercising After An Injury

1. Get the green light from your doctor 

Exercising After An Injury

After being treated and caring for your injuries you are most likely ready to move again but it’s vital to hear it from an expert. You might think you have recovered but the risk of repeating or incurring a new injury is high if you are not completely healed. Ultimately, this will keep you out of the gym for longer which is not ideal. The same goes for illness. Although your symptoms might have improved, it’s important to be 100% to prevent the spread of germs or be susceptible to further illness. It is important to be patient and wait until any swelling, pain and stiffness or all symptoms have reduced significantly before asking an expert if it’s time to go back. 

2. Talk to your instructor

Exercising After An Injury

Your injuries or illness can have impacts on your performance in class once you return. It is essential that your instructor is aware of your conditions so they can support you as best as possible. Your instructors are there to help make modifications to the exercises and ensure that your safety is a top priority. 

3. Take it at your own pace

Aside from modifying your exercises you should also consider starting off slow. Prior to your injury you may have signed up for 4-5 boot camp classes a week but your body may need more rest days now that you are returning post injury or illness. This could mean you might have to take it slow for a couple of weeks with 1-2, then 2-3 classes a week before returning to your full capacity. Listening to your body and easing back into what you know you are capable of is essential. 

At the end of the day returning to exercising after an injury once you’ve been out of your workout routine can be challenging not only physically but mentally. Taking it one step at a time will be the best way to ensure you will eventually return to full capacity without the risk of further injury or illness. The support and encouragement from a group workout can be a good approach to make you feel supported as you increase your physical activity.

After all, your fitness journey is a marathon not a sprint and great things take time so don’t rush it! 

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