Advantages of Group Fitness Over Typical Gym Membership

The benefits of group fitness are clear: community, empowerment and more enjoyable workouts.

At GRITLABS, we believe in the power of group fitness as opposed to traditional gyms. Gone are the days where you have to compete with others at the gym and feel judged. Our community in Burlington aims to lift each other up and encourage one another rather than compete.

Advantages of Group Fitness

Research shows that we are much more inclined to enjoy our workouts and stick to our goals when in a group setting. While traditional gyms tend to emphasize individual routines and isolation, we are committed to just the opposite. We want to bring people together to empower the person next to us. We want to work as a team to reach our personal fitness goals. We’re better together.

Participation in regular group fitness classes led to a statistically significant decrease in perceived stress and an increase in physical, mental, and emotional QOL compared with exercising regularly on one’s own or not engaging in regular exercise.

Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, November 2017

A Sense of Community and Support

GRITLABS HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are designed to create a sense of community. Instead of working out independently at the gym with no real motivation behind you, our boot camp values community-based motivation. Our dedicated team of trainers and peers will empower you in ways that you never thought possible towards reaching your fitness goals. Imagine having a group surrounding you who truly cares about your needs, and how helpful that could be in achieving your weight loss aspirations.

Because everyone is working towards bettering physical and mental health, it’s easy to relate to one another. Our community of fitness junkies believe that true empowerment comes from positive energy exchanged in a group setting. Finally, you can be surrounded by individuals who care about their health as much as you do!

Empowerment and Motivation

Traditional gym workouts require a great deal of planning, and often do not provide a total body workout that will truly push you. Rather than having to plan leg day and jockey with over individuals over machines or squat racks, the GRITLABS boot camp designs strength and conditioning group fitness routines that will ignite your whole body.

Advantages of Group Fitness

At the gym, it can be difficult to ensure that you are using correct form. This can lead to injuries, chronic pain, and distract you from being present in your workout. Working out with GRITLABS is different. With every group session, two dedicated trainers will be watching your form. You can be certain that you are doing each exercise properly, as our highly trained specialists will correct your form and give you great tips.

Additionally, you can schedule physical therapy sessions to keep your muscles and joints operating at their maximum potential. If you are experiencing pain in any region of your body, GRITLABS team is available to address it.

The advantages of group fitness can be the ticket to achieving your fitness goals.

Working out at a traditional gym can leave you unmotivated, at risk of injury, and missing vital regions of your body. For a complete fitness experience, GRITLABS group workouts are the ultimate tool to keep you on track towards reaching your goals!

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  1. Your post highlighting the advantages of group fitness over a typical gym membership is insightful and compelling! The emphasis on community, motivation, and the social aspect of group workouts adds a refreshing perspective to the fitness experience.

    The recognition of the supportive environment created in group fitness settings and the sense of accountability are crucial aspects that can significantly impact individuals’ success in reaching their fitness goals. It’s evident that you understand the power of camaraderie in fostering a positive and consistent fitness journey.

    Thanks for shedding light on the benefits of group fitness. Your post is sure to resonate with those considering their fitness options, encouraging them to explore the dynamic and engaging world of group workouts. Here’s to the strength of community and shared goals in achieving fitness success!

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