GRHIIT will focus on conditioning aerobic and anaerobic energy systems through a variety of high intensity training methods.

These methods will not only develop your athletic endurance but will also help support your strength goals by developing your ability to do more work in a short period of time.

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Discover GRHIIT, where the intensity of HIIT meets the resilience of our LIFT classes.

This isn’t your standard workout; it’s a step beyond our regular 6-station classes. Dive into a mix of fast-paced exercises and strategic rest moments, ensuring a balanced and effective session.

With our knowledgeable trainers by your side, each class is an opportunity to challenge yourself, regardless of your fitness level. Expect to sweat, see progress, and feel a sense of achievement after every workout. If you’re eager to shake up your routine and see real results, GRHIIT is the class for you.