Experience the future of functional fitness with Hyrox Training — a dynamic workout regimen that fuses cardio, strength, stamina.

Designed for athletes of all levels, Hyrox provides a comprehensive challenge, combining high-intensity routines with endurance tests to push both body and mind.

Originating from the global fitness competition known for its blend of running and resistance workouts, our Hyrox Training sessions emulate the intensity and vigor of these events. Led by certified coaches, participants are guided through a series of workouts that not only build muscle and endurance but also enhance agility and mental resilience.

Whether you’re preparing for a Hyrox competition or simply seeking to elevate your fitness game, our Hyrox Training will provide the tools, techniques, and motivation needed to crush your goals. Join us and redefine your limits!


Originating from Germany, HYROX is a unique fitness challenge, bringing together the thrill of functional exercises with the exhilaration of running. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone looking for a fresh challenge, HYROX is tailored for all fitness levels, emphasizing endurance, strength, and performance.

What is the HYROX race structure?
A dynamic mix of workout stations, each followed by a 1km run.

HYROX at Gritlabs #oursportishyrox

HYROX breakdown:

An intense full-body workout where participants use a ski machine, mimicking the motion of cross-country skiing.

Engaging core, glutes, and legs, participants push a weighted sled across a certain distance.

This involves participants performing a burpee followed by a broad jump, which challenges both power and agility.

Using a rowing machine, participants target both their upper and lower body, demanding coordination and stamina.

Holding heavy kettlebells or weights in each hand, participants walk across a set distance, testing grip strength and endurance.

Holding a weighted sandbag on their shoulders, participants perform lunges, challenging leg strength and balance.

Using a medicine ball, participants perform squats and then throw the ball to hit a target on a wall.

Exclusive HYROX Training:

Amp up your preparation with our specialized HYROX classes. Experience a near-authentic HYROX ambience, prepping you for race day.

HYROX is more than just a race; it’s a testament to your willpower, strength, and determination.

With Gritlabs by your side, you’re not just ready for HYROX; you’re poised to dominate it.