A Powerful Blend of Exercise, Nutrition & Meditation practiced over 4 weeks. 

Pillars of the GRIT CHALLENGE


At least 4 times per week – just show up and leave the rest with us. Every single workout will be more challenging as long as you are willing to put in that extra last rep when your body has almost given up.


Gritlabs will provide you with the Gritlabs Sustainable Nutrition Guide – designed to be a lifestyle and a game changer.

You will also receive healthy, simple and delicious recipes each week.


Everyone is at a different level with meditation in life. No matter where you are, you must make time to meditate and connect with yourself. If you already meditate daily then that’s amazing but if you don’t then we have some great recommendations.


Healthier lifestyle, more energy, stronger mind & body.



  • Weigh in at the beginning & final weight at the end to see the progress.
  • Become part of the closed Facebook group where Challengers & Members interact as one community to stay motivated towards achieving the same goal.
  • Receive the GRITLABS Sustainable Nutrition Guide
  • Receive recommendation on meditation
  • Have the opportunity to report back everything they eat in an excel each weekend to receive direct feedback
  • Receive new recipes for 4 weeks 

FALL 2020

Your next GRIT CHALLENGE runs from:

Monday, September 14th to Sunday, October 11th

in support of Halton Women’s Place

During the 4 Week Grit Challenge for every Boot Camp Session you ATTEND, we will donate $2 to Halton Women’s Place.

The GRIT CHALLENGE is open to any member of GRITLABS.

Not a member yet? Get started with a one week free trial.

How is the Grit Challenge Different?

It’s not that we don’t know how to make the right choices. There are endless diets & tricks available on internet – answer lies in finding the right community to do it with and a method that becomes your lifestyle.

With the Challenge, you have the opportunity to record everything you eat in an excel and email it to the Trainers every weekend for 4 weeks – we will revert to you with feedback within 24hrs. This is a proven method to get in the right habit and learn about nutrition – what’s right / how much / tricks & tips. 

Meditation is the key to right mindset and being fit – both mentally and physically.


To achieve results like you’ve never seen before

Sign up to join the GRIT CHALLENGE and we will be in touch to get you started.


Complete and send the form above, or send an email with the Subject “GRIT CHALLENGE” to talk to us about your challenge goals and how to get started.

No, this is all inclusive in the monthly membership.

You can sign up for a free trial on this website here


Find us on the Glofox app. Download the Glofox app on your iPhone or Android device and launch the app. Search for ‘Gritlabs’ in Studio and register as a new user. 

On the bottom menu: Click on Memberships and select the membership type. 

If you cannot eat some thing we recommend because of allergic / intolerance / medical reasons, that’s OK. You can exclude what is not right for you – we personalize the nutrition guide to work for you.

Yes, we have plenty of vegetarian recipes too.

Email us at to receive these.

Weigh in is done on the first day of Challenge. You are asked to come 15 minutes early without drinking too much water for that session. Final weight is checked on the last day of the challenge. 

Preferably, yes. It takes less than 5 minutes per day to log your food. Make this time for yourself 🙂 

We all start some day – perfect time to try meditation with the Challenge to experience the overall transformation. 

Once you are a GRITLABS Member, for every session you attend during the 4 week challenge GRITLABS will donate $2 to Halton Women’s Place. Same works for classes bought through paid credit packs. Free trial attendance does not count towards the contribution.