Fitness Classes

Specialized for Postpartum Moms

30 minutes light boot camp

30 minutes yoga

Connect with other moms while bonding with baby in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

A great way to stay engaged with the community, meet new faces, swap stories, struggles and goals of motherhood.

Classes are for babies 6 weeks to mobile.


  • Work together through a series of cardiovascular & strength training exercises designed to help you feel strong and have more energy.
  • Baby can play along beside you, be held in a carrier , or snuggle and sleep in car seat!


  • Classes are accessible for all levels and include yoga postures designed to alleviate post pregnancy arches &pain, while gaining back core and body strength


Jennifer Irvine

I started teaching mom and baby classes shortly after I had my first daughter , about 8 years ago.I had taken classes with Mia , and learned so much from my teachers so I wanted to share with others .
It instantly became my favorite class to teach. I could relate to these moms , form bonds and had a whole new sense of belonging.

As a new mom , it’s tough getting back into your grove. A lot of the time you don’t know where you for in. Having a class with other moms who are in the same boat really helps.
As years went on , and I had 2 more babies , the community of moms and babies I had have stayed with me.
With having my own children , I really appreciate the relationships I have built and keep making with these families.I offer advice , experience and sometimes just an ear to listen. Moms need this .It’s all new territory and scary sometimes .

The next GRITMAMAS program will run from

Monday, September 14th to Sunday, October 11th


(+ HST)
  • 1 hour classes
  • 8 classes per month on Monday & Wednesday at 11:00 a.m.

Drop-in classes are also available: $20.00 / class (+HST)

For the safety of Moms & babies, all participating Moms will be requested to leave the baby in the stroller or car seat next to them in the studio and not hold the baby while exercising. Of course, Moms can stop and attend to the babies as many times during the hour but not hold the baby while exercising.

GRITLABS is part of Activityplex Burlington and offers washrooms & baby changing facility as well.

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